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ABOUT "It's Another Fine Day


This comic strip has been kicking around in my little pea brain for many many years. The sticking point had always been “ How do I make it local” ? Then, after touring every town and crossroads in the 47th Assembly District during a stint as a campaign worker, I saw that just as every small town is unique, every town has a whole lot in common with every other small town. It is by focusing these similarities in people, situations and institutions that ‘It’s Another Fine Day” can have a wide appeal in a variety of places and still feel very local. Anyway, after being ‘Downsized’ from the local newspaper in 2008, I thought I would ‘give it a shot’. And now, after three years in print, the comic strip’s readership just keeps growing. Oh, and that ‘make it local’ thing…if you have an idea of local origin that you think might have wider appeal, send it to me. I can’t guarantee it will get used…but then again, ya never know.