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“You should be syndicated so everybody can enjoy these cartoons.”

a Loyal Reader


“These cartoons are so funny and I love to look at the drawings.”

a Weekly Newspaper Editor


“I'll never let my subscription run out because I would miss this cartoon so much.”

a Reader


“I really love the one about having to take the wife's poodle out deer hunting.”

a Reader


“The cartoon is a really pleasant addition to my local paper. I would really miss it if it was gone.”

a Reader


“I think that a cartoon drawn exclusively for Wisconsin weekly papers is a great idea.

It is something that could be a real asset for the newspapers. It is well worth the cost when it increases reader satisfaction.”

Former Weekly Newspaper Publisher


“I spent the winter in Florida and I had my hometown newspaper forwarded to me.

When it didn't show up the thing I really missed was the cartoon.”

a Reader



"I live to read this cartoon. It's my second favorite...right after

"Calvin and Hobbs"!

a Reader