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Cheddar Hills is a small community situated amid the rolling farm fields in the center of Curdsenwhey County about four miles south of Lac La Moo and twenty-five miles north northwest of the county seat, Limburger Flats.

You can follow the early morning coffee and doughnut guys around the “Smart Table” in Dollie's Ding-A-Ling Diner, and their wives' daily get togethers in Freedonia Freegabber's kitchen. Then, of course, there are the folks who stop in to Willie and Wallie's Gas 'n' Git out on route 13 at the edge of town. And you don't want to miss “The Boys on the Bench” who know very little about a whole lot of things and aren't shy about telling you, “Maxie and Maureen...Retired”, Estelle the waitress and the kids at Cheddar Hills Educational Enrichment School (C.H.E.E.S.) and their team, The Whiz.

These characters and many more find the fun side of living in “small town Wisconsin” and appeal to just about everyone. Visit them every week in your hometown newspaper.